Yamcha + Tien Demoniacal Replacement Parts | DBZ

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  • Highly recommended custom replacement parts for your yamcha/tien shinhan SHF figures
  • Demoniacal Fit Products are *Excluded from Omnime Discounts*
  • Includes: 1 Shirt Piece for Tien, 2 Faces for Yamcha, 2 new hair styles for Yamcha, 2 New neck pegs.
  • Age Range: >8 years old
  • Material: PVC
  • Includes Demonical Fit Yamcha + Demonical fit Tien combined Box, Faces, shirt, & hair pieces

*Please Read*: Due to items coming from overseas and in the states, please expect shipping times to range from our usual delivery of 1 week from shipment to delivery to 2-5 weeks from shipment to delivery depending on your location.