SS4 Son Goku Figure | DBGT

This figure takes Dragon Ball statues to the next level and isn't cutting corners when it comes to this remastered edition of SS4 Son Goku. The iconic red fur is meticulously sculpted ad the memorable scene from the end of GT is brought to life. The approximately 25cm (10 inch) statue also comes with a special display base.

  • Comes with box, base, and figure
  • Paintwork is partially done by hand so products may vary
  • Exclusive china import
  • Extreme attention put in to the detail of this figure to bring the intensity of Goku in this form to life

*Please Read*: Due to items coming from overseas and in the states, please expect shipping times to range from our usual delivery of 1 week from shipment to delivery to 2-5 weeks from shipment to delivery depending on your location.