SS Son Goku | Banpresto Blood of Saiyans | Dragon Ball Z

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 The Banpresto Blood of Saiyans figure collection featuring fighters from the legendary Dragon Ball Z franchise highlights that triggered moment when enemies knew they were about to have major problems.  

The first figure in this collection scheduled for a very limited time release is the mighty series hero, Goku.  As key points to this figure line, special attention was given to the details of the facial expression, hair coloring, and battle ravaged clothing.  

When a figure fan's collection needs to be brought to the next level, leave it to Goku to bring the energy. Standing at 7.1 inches tall, this figure comes with its own foot base support for secure standing. Minor assembly required. 

Product Features

  • 7.10 inches (18cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • First in the Blood of Saiyans line
  • Special attention given to facial expression, hair coloring, and battle ravaged clothing
  • Minor assembly required

*Please Read*: Due to items coming from overseas and in the states, please expect shipping times to range from our usual delivery of 1 week from shipment to delivery to 2-5 weeks from shipment to delivery depending on your location. 

Box Contents

  • Son Goku figure
  • Figure base